End Poverty, Permanently


We only invest in long term strategies that will move communities out of poverty, permanently!

Here for the Long Haul


We are committed, focused and here for the long haul.  Taking folk out of poverty is a generational change.

100% Investment


We pay for ourselves and our running costs.  100% of your donation is invested in the communities.

Farming Initiatives


Creating business opportunities and providing support to local farmers, the Mayon Farmers Association was born.

Irrigation for Crops


Providing water on the mountain has already increased production.  Now more than 72 families have a secure water source.

Community Health Centre


You take beds, chairs and toilets for granted when you visit your health professional, these have recently been added to the Health Centre!

Help Us End Poverty, Permanently!  Adopt a community,

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The teachers were struggling to educate over 300 children without textbooks and there were only two books in the library. In addition there were no sporting facilities, buildings were in disrepair, there was no water, no power and only two working toilets...

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Community Banking


Introducing Bank accounts to yrs 5 & 6, based on attendance and behaviour at school, each student was given a bank account with 100 pesos (approximately $2.30).

We have extended the banking program to parents.

Environmental Initiatives


Pride in their community has been re-ignited with a clean up Barangay Sua Day.  Now rubbish dumping happens as it is meant to - in designated bins!


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Founders Note...

G’day. When I started the sponsorship of 5 kids in a slum in Manila I had no idea we would grow to who we are today. But then I’ve always followed my nose and I’m a real sucker for the under-privileged in all societies. What is important for you to know is that the very essence of, the philosophy of that beginning, is still the same. It is all inclusive, sustainable, and WILL deliver people out of poverty permanently. That’s a big mouthful I know and I also know that it is a lifetime commitment as this is generational change we are talking here.

Its already 9 years down the track and one of the 1st 5 kids I sponsored has just graduated from Uni and has gone straight into a job – top interviewee out of 40 applicants. Nice.

So what is the philosophy. It started with the kids. I decided that if I only educated one child per family, that child would forever be kept poor by supporting all the family when he/she was in good work later. That does not deliver people out of poverty permanently. So it was all the kids per family or not at all.

When I came to Barangay Sua, Bicol, on the East side of Luzon, the main Island, it was a case of sponsoring a whole family including creating work for the parents, and it soon became adopting the whole community.

This meant re-building the Elementary school and fitting it out with everything necessary for a good education for the kids. It also meant introducing a feeding program to keep 150 of the 320 awake and alert. With no gas in the tank they would arrive at school exhausted. It meant building a brand new health clinic capable of serving all emergency needs including baby delivery. It meant increasing the income of the families and as the only form of employment was farming it meant increasing farmer yields. This meant forming a farmer association and providing input loans, water supply etc. It meant care for the environment and most of all, it meant restoring Hope.

So the Journey began and so it continues.

I’m now 67 and in perfect health (no drugs required) and we have a succession plan in place – just in case.

As I have verbally informed the folk here “ this is a lifelong commitment. Not leaving ‘til the job is done.”

I invite you to read on.

My very best wishes to You.


About us...

The Muravah Foundation was initially established in the slums in Manilla, Philippines to give opportunity to under-privileged kids to complete a university degree. Core to our philosophy is that we support ALL the children in each family. This complete family then has a chance in the future to move out of poverty permanently.

This philosophy has grown to include the adoption of whole communities, by investing in education, health, environment, improved farming methods, irrigation and small business loans. We've established a community based farmers association (Mayon Farmer's Association) and introduced banking.

Where do we contribute...

We are now currently operating in Barangay's (farming communities) surrounding Mt Mayon, Albay, Bicol Region.

Many of the people living in the slums have come from the farming communities in the provinces. We believe that by creating long term profitable enterprises in their communities we will attract them back to the provinces and reduce the numbers in the city slums.