Bob Murray is a successful businessman who has been importing goods from Asia for more than thirty years. He is familiar with the poverty of the region and now that he is semi-retired he is fulfilling his dream to do more for the underprivileged. Given that internationally, more than 1.3 trillion dollars is allocated to charities and NGO's annually, and that there is more than 1.4 billion people still living below the poverty line, Bob wants to look at a different way of doing things.

He wants to focus on long term solutions that remove people from poverty permanently. He established Muravah Foundation to trial a programme involving all aspects of one impoverished farming community.  



Sarah Fabula - Secretary

Sarah’s family left Barangay Sua when she was nine years old because her parents could not find any work. Sarah completed her schooling in Manila and went on to finish her degree in Political Science. 

It took her six years to find her first job where she worked night duty as a nurses aid in a mental hospital. Sarah’s first contact with the Muravah Foundation was when her two children were sponsored to go to school in 2007. Until recently she was living in a slum in Manila and in 2011 Sarah returned to her home province in Barangay Sua where she is now working for the Muravah Foundation. 

Sarah is now able to work from home and spend more time with her children whilst fulfilling her dream to help others. She finds the Muravah Foundation work very fulfilling as Sarah knows what it is like to be poor and she enjoys seeing the happy faces of people that have changed their lives due to assistance from the Muravah Foundation. 

Sarah particularly enjoys assisting in the Muravah Foundation homeopathy program as she enjoys meeting people in the local community and noticing the changes in their health.


     Arnel Beltran - Project Manager
Arnel graduated high school and then worked in Manila as a shoe maker for fifteen years. After his wife, Jeciel had two children, she returned to the province (Barangay Sua) as Arnel did not earn enough money for them to remain in Manila.

Arnel visited his family every three months. In 2010, Arnel secured a loan from the Muravah Foundation and he returned to live with his family in Sua where he started a piggery.

Once Muravah Foundation began work on the Tumpa school renovations, Arnel was promoted to Project Manager. Arnel is also a local Barangay Councilor and he enjoys working for the Muravah Foundation because it provides so many opportunities for local people to earn an income.