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Sua Water Management System

Bob Murray - Thursday, November 17, 2011

Muravah Foundation is pleased to announce the completion of the first stage of the water diversion system which will soon allow the vegetable growers to collect water close to their growing areas. At the moment they have to walk up to 3 km to obtain water for growing their vegetables. It rained yesterday and the good news is that the water catchment works! We are currently raising funds to build numerous concrete tanks to store the water, these will be strategically situated down the mountain, covering an area of 9 square kilometres.

David commented on 23-Nov-2011 11:54 AM
Great initiative Muravah Foundation team! Keep up the great work! David
GregB commented on 24-Nov-2011 09:08 AM
Fantastic, well done Bob!!
Sarah commented on 26-Nov-2011 02:12 PM
That's really exciting news, thanks for sharing

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