Muravah Foundation

Who we are

Our Story
Muravah Foundation was established in 2008 by Bob Murray, a semi-retired Australian businessman with a long history in supporting charities not just in Australia but also internationally. We began with sponsoring children in slums in Manila into quality schools with a promise to take them right through university. Fourteen (14) students are now fully qualified graduates across many professions and all in work. That’s sustainability, sustainability of action and support. Sustainability of action and support is needed at all levels of community if there is going to be any chance of making a difference to our fellow humans who are struggling to exist below the poverty line. Difficult to do in the slums and we moved to the countryside where most of the slum people came from. Here we committed to sponsoring whole communities.
Our Foundation
Our head office is in Barangay Sua, residing on the slopes of Mt Mayon, a live volcano. Adopting whole communities means – schooling, feeding programs, health, farm improvements & expansion, housing, care for handicapped and disadvantaged, building community infrastructures, creating jobs by introducing food processing, growing incomes by maximizing returns, environmental care. Sustainability is a generational commitment which is in parallel to Muravah’s promise to these communities. We are not leaving till the job is done (and it will never be done as the Philippines has more than 100M people and 20M exist below the poverty line) we could rattle on here for pages and pages. Just email any questions or come visit and see for yourself just what we have achieved and are achieving.


The members of our team are all from the local barangays (charter townships) of Camalig, Albay. Everyone except Bob who is our chairman and also a volunteer is from the local community.