Roy's Story

Roy's Story


Ending Poverty Permanently!


G’day Folks,

Yes it’s been 6 months since the last newsletter and I will be reporting on developments here in Bicol soon.

However, today I’m going to tell you ‘Roy’s Story’

‘He was sixteen, weighing 25 kilos, lying on a bed at the local public general hospital emergency room.

The doctor was telling his mother and aunt that he had 3 days to live.

Dad, a grave digger, was busy at work.

His illness was related to poor diet. Very poor diet.

"To heal this child Ma'am, we need to inject antibiotics into his dextrose "

"It will cost Peso's 5,000"

Mum and Aunt don't have the money and neither does anyone else they know

They are desperate, despairing and wrought with grief, as the imminent death of their son and nephew is happening right before their eyes.. a feeling of total uselessness.

By chance Roy and his family, who live in a city 3 hours from Manila, are connected to families close to us in Sua.

That same day one of them came by to visit.

We get many such calls for help and in this instance were able to get the P5k (US$ 117) there in time. Following costs were US$ 465.

US$ 582 for a life.

That's a lot of money for Muravah Foundation, let alone the 'poor'’.

The 'poor' I refer to are those who live below the poverty line.

Official number in the Philippines, 20 million, but for those of us who work in these communities, more like 50 million.

On the same day that Roy's life was saved, how many lives unnecessarily ceased to exist.

Imagine being the Doctor who's sworn an oath to save lives, has the medicine to do so at hands reach, and doesn't have the money himself to pay for the necessary medicines, and sits down to watch them die.

Day after Day after Day.

At Muravah we have the same problem. It goes on around us and we just do what we can do.

Bottom line is Roy would not have been sick in the 1st place if he got 3 square meals a day.

The malady of poverty.

Free health care is the only quick answer here and that's a Federal issue.

To my mind, the National Government, and the Nation, have accepted genocide as normal.

Voluntary population control perhaps?

From Google, a definition of 'genocide' is; noun. 'the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially of a particular nation or ethnic group'

I would like to adjust the definition to.. 'the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially of a particular nation, ethnic group or a nations poor'

I’ve never talked much about this issue before but as our policy is to adopt whole communities, and our policy is non-discrimatory with the intent of leaving no one behind, we are confronted with health issues every other day.

Taking these people out of poverty permanently is the only long term solution.

And that is what we are doing.

Muravah news coming up next week




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