Muravah Foundation

Disaster Risk Reduction Management

Barangay Sua is the place if you want to witness the breathtaking beauty of the majestic perfect cone Mayon Volcano but it has its downfalls. Since the place is near the volcanic danger zone it is necessary for the people to evacuate when the Volcano is in alert level. Last January 2018 ash falls and pyroclastic flow was experienced by the community, mandatory evacuation was conducted for the safety of the people. The foundation extended its help by raising fund to help giving toiletries and food supplies to the evacuees. They did not just showed their support in material things but in psychosocial activities to help the stress debriefing exercise of the people. They never left the worried and hopeless hearts of the people of Barangay Sua, instead they restored hope and cheered them up in the time of calamity. Disaster risk reduction a management trainings will also be part of the foundation’s goal to help the community be ready to any natural calamities. The foundation is also trying to raise more funds for disasters and natural calamities in case this less fortunate situation happens again.