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From the very beginning we have had two family partners, being Ross & Cheryl Beaton from Brisbane Australia and Greg & Angie Banks from Auckland new Zealand who annually step up to the table to assist in a substantial way. To them goes our special thanks and so also to all those who have participated over the years. Every centavo donated has been very much appreciated and sometimes there has been substantial amounts come out of the blue and just in the nick of time. More recently, and thanks to the efforts of the Parkwood Rotary Club, Gold Coast, we have now been endorsed by the Rotary RAAWCS Program and with special thanks to them they are now accepting tax deductible donations through their website and financial channel.

What has been recognized and appreciated by all our partners is our long term commitment, sustainability of our programs and how every cent donated is invested in the communities.

With your generous donation, we can help as many as 65,000 people break out of the poverty cycle within the next 5 years! Our charity is supported and endorsed by RAWCS (Rotary Australia Worldwide Community Service).

To make your tax-deductible donation today, follow this link to the official Rotary donation page.

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- $42.00 per month - $1.38 per day will help 4 families (approx 40 people)

- $125.00 per month- $4.11 per day will help 12 families (approx 120 people)

Thank you for supporting the Muravah Foundation.