Muravah Foundation

Some of the usual questions raised to our foundation are written and answered below. If you need
specific information or your queries are not answered here you can
contact us directly at

If you donate direct into our bank account 100% of your donation will be invested in community and community projects.

If you donate through RAAWCS which is a Rotary International entity your donation will be tax deductible and RAAWCS will take a 2 ½% handling fee. The balance of your donation will be invested totally in community.

The Murray family whom established the Muravah Foundation in 2008 fund all overheads. Also recently our Mayon Farmers Association has been engaging id projects which recover some overheads.

Simply come and visit anytime. We have tourist accommodationin which you can stay while you observe what we are doing and your accountant goes through our books. We have a total open book policy for donors. Our books are audited monthly bu an out side accountancy firm.

Yes. However we prefer that you simply choose to support us as we are working on a myriad of projects throughout our local communities and know best where the urgency is.

Trust. If that is not enough then you are welcome to visit and check for yourself. We love having visitors.

We now conduct annual surveys of the local population so we can be sure we assist the very very poor 1st.

Sponsorship of families involves ensuring they get 3 meals a day, clothes to wear to school, all school stationary needs, travel expenses, special assistance as needed like renovating or building new homes.

A service sponsor donates a set amount per month. 1st you tell us how much so we can include your donation in our cashflow projections. After that we will give you monthly reports of our activities. Some Service Sponsors also sponsor a child as a part of their overall sponsorship.

This is best answered by studying our website but we can tell you that we have many success stories already, but its taken 10years to deliver them. We are committed to generational change. We are not going away.

If you donate through the RAAWCS program, and depending on the laws of your country, this will give you legitimate tax deductions.

Please go to that section of our website. All privacy safeguards are in place.