Muravah Foundation

Housing Program

“Home is where you feel loved, appreciated and safe” as the saying goes unfortunately for the rural barangay of Sua in Camalig Albay home is somewhere they can rest their aching backs after a long day at the farm, a place to put their few belongings a roof when it rains, it doesn’t even have to have a toilet facility as long as they have shelter when the cold of the night approaches. When Muravah first came to this community this was the living situation of barangay Sua’s major population in Camalig Albay, with the determination to help and offer better and more suitable homes for the community the foundation raised funds to help the most in need of a roof to warm the cold nights and the hearts to the families. They also build the water catchment facility so the people especially the children and the elderly won’t have a hard time fetching water since it’s a highland and no water system installed. It is one of the long-term and permanent goals of the foundation to help and offer a real home and not just a place to live.