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Month    Topics 
Sept 2015   Cacao Initiative, 'Mayon Gold' Rice, Rice Mill
August 2015   Roy's Story
December 2014   Typhoon Glenda, Rice Mill
December 2013   Roberth's Story, Mayon Farmer's Association, Speaking of music
Oct 2013   Values and virtues and community caring
May 2013   Rice Harvesting and drying, Water Tank Success, Community Changes
January 2013   Banking, Health Clinic for new borns, Piggery, Mayon Farmers Association
August 2012   Fundraising, Lunch Boxes & Bank Accounts, Water in the Tank
May 2012   Building of Water Tank, School Enrollments, Road improvements
March 2012   Water Management, Mayon Farmer's Association, Collecting Rain Water
February 2012
  Mayon Farmer's Association, Tumpa School Canteen, Environment
December 2011
  Health Centre, Tumpa School Renovation, Water Management System